Why FileMaker Custom Apps is becoming a must have.

Anyone born before 1980 knows first hand how much technology has changed the way we live. In the early 1990’s telephones with circular dial face were still relatively common place. Those reading this page born after the year 2000 have probably only ever seen such a phone sitting in box at their grand parents garage, collecting dust.

Over the same period the competitive business landscape is almost unrecognisable. International trade has become easier opening up more markets while at the same time creating more competitors.

It has never been more important to leverage technology to make smarter decision to compete with both local and boarder-less competitors.

How do Custom Apps help businesses?

FileMaker Inc surveyed 490 FileMaker customers on how their businesses were using the software and the results they experienced. The results were tabulated in annual “FileMaker – State of the Custom App Report”. There were five consistent trends amongst the customers surveyed.

  1. Increased Productivity
  2. Reduced Inefficient Tasks
  3. Improved Collaboration
  4. Rapid Implementation
  5. Mobility

Productivity and Efficiency

FileMaker Custom Apps Report

According to the FileMaker survey,  the average increase in productivity of a team after implementing a FileMaker App was 60%. To illustrate, a 60% increase in productivity of a staff member costing $67k per annum is a $40k improvement productive efficiency. 60% efficiency improvement in a team of three staff with an average salary of $67k is the equivalent of $120k improvement in the use of resources.



460 of the 490 businesses surveyed highlighted the improvement in sharing information was a key benefit from a FileMaker implementation. A critical factor in team work is the confidence in the reported numbers. To have “one source of the truth”, so that everyone in the team understands the status of projects, clients, inventory, schedules and appointments is critical in improving the performance of your business.

Rapid Implementation

FileMaker 52% of the 490 customer surveyed implemented their custom app in less than 3 months. In Japan, 71% of FileMaker customers were building there applications under three months. The short development cycle allows teams using a FileMaker App to shorten the payback period and accentuate the return on investment.



73% of respondent considered mobility a key benefit. FileMaker gives business owners and leading managers the ability to run their businesses from anywhere in the world, so long as they have an internet connection.

How do you know if you have inefficient tasks that FileMaker can solve?

Here are just some examples;

– Various hand written customer forms that require duplication, sharing or data entry

– Delivery Docket, Invoicing, Supplier, Inventory or receipt books that are hand written then require data entry

– Where you have Excel workbooks that various users need to update or view at one time in different locations for example project management or resource/asset availability for booking.

– Where you need to consolidate data or manipulate data from various excel sources or with various users; then create reports on that data for decision making.

– Where staff on the road or off site need to update or be updated on changes in plans, schedules, orders or tasks from head office and new documentations is required for the customer, supplier or project.



Click HERE to Download the Full FileMaker State of Custom App Report

It is possible for businesses achieve payback period of 12 weeks from savings in staff time and process efficiency.^

Such a project would equate to an equivalent of 40 weeks of saving or gains over 1 year.

Make a complimentary appointment with Putney Breeze to ascertain what is achievable for your business.

^The calculation of Payback periods are subject to particular circumstances and scenarios involved in each project.