FileMaker G2 Crowd Leader Fall 2016

FileMaker G2 Crowd Leader Fall 2016

FileMaker Pro is currently ranked the #1 Rapid Application Development Software by G2 Crowd.

G2 Crowd is the world’s leading business software review platform. G2 Crowd formulates its rankings from  100,000+ user reviews each month to help software buyers make better purchasing decisions. G2 Crowd packages insights from expert peers, everyday users, and aggregated data to score competitive products on their proprietary GridSM.

How does G2 Crowd Define RAD Software?

G2 Crowd defines Rapid application development (RAD) as software that “provides programmers and developers with the tools necessary to build an application quickly from start to finish. Rapid application development refers to a method that development teams use to build new applications quickly and with an emphasis on releasing frequent prototypes.”

FileMaker scored satisfaction rating of over 90% in key metrics like, ease of use, meeting requirements, ease of set up and ease of admin. 96% of customers surveyed stated they would recommend FileMaker.

The full report can be found at

FileMaker in the G2 Scoring Grid

FileMaker in the G2 Scoring Grid


FileMaker’s integrated suit of products from FileMaker Go free app for iPads and iPhones, FileMaker Webdirect for web browser applications and FileMaker Server for creating your own cloud provides the flexibility to meet challenging and unique business needs.

A key advantage of being a great rapid development software is the potential to have short investment payback periods. For example a simple FileMaker app that pays for itself in 12 weeks then provided a whopping 40 weeks of saving and efficiency gains.

Just Imagine how the #1 Ranking FileMaker Custom database App could transform your business.

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