3 Principles and 3 Actions that will make a difference to your internet marketing today!

If I got a dollar for every time I received a random email for SEO services it would make a nice kitty for holiday spending.

Never-the-less a couple of months back managed to reach the front page of my chosen google search term “Business Advisor”. Now, whether I stay there will depend on what my competitors do and if I keep working on my web page content and optimisation.
Can my web site be improved? Absolutely. Can my site optimisation be improved? Absolutely.

So how did I get on the front page of my chosen key words without the assistance of a search engine optimisation company and when my website can still be improved?

There are a number of factors that will determine if you can reach the front page of your chosen key words. However if you apply the following three principles and three actions, you will be well on your way to getting to your desired position.

Before we begin you must understand the core business of Google. If I was to ask you; What is the core business of Google? You may answer with “advertising”, or “Google Adwords” or “Internet marketing”. However although Google is involved in all three, none would describe their core business. Google is fundamentally in the business of providing ANSWERS. That is answers to the questions words typed into the search box may form.

So firstly ask yourself. Does your website answer the questions that can be formed from the key words you have chosen?

Then by apply the following three principles to your web page content, you can get ahead of your competitors;

Relevant — How relevant is your content in answering the questions that may be formed from your chosen key words?

Regular — How often do you update your website and how current are the products and services offered or topics discussed and highlighted?

Reputable — How reputable are the inbound and outbound links to and from your website?

In the attached video I out line three simple actions you can take to improve your search engine optimisation.

If you’d like a map of all my inbound and outbound links and to give you an example of what you could do, submit a request on the following link and I’ll send it to you.

Here is a link to Googles SEO Guide and a video from Google about how search works!