Daniel Pink on Staff Bonuses and Motivation

Do you wonder why bonuses sometimes just don’t work? In many cases no matter how big the carrot you give your staff, they can’t seem to break through and achieve the results that you desire. Daniel Pink is the author of “To Sell is Human”. Daniel is considered a leading thinker on management.

Daniel outlines the reason why bonuses don’t always work. Bonuses tend to work where there’s a clear action linked to a reward. Daniel explains it as “if you do this then you get that” scenario, where simple actions are required with clear rules and a narrow focus.

However when creativity is required to achieve a bonus, research shows that performance falls away. What happens is the link between action and reward has been made unclear. A problem has to be solved through creativity. Where the staff member can’t come up with a creative solution in a short period they give up.

What is required for Staff Motivation?

Daniel goes on to question the wisdom of bonuses full stop. By exploring the foundations of motivation, Daniel believes that at the core of motivation are three human needs.




Are you missing out on getting the best from your staff? Do you create an environment that provides the feeling of autonomy, the ability to master their work and provide them with a sense of purpose?

According to Daniel Pink your ability to have a more effective team is by addressing the three key drivers of motivation.