Tracy Wilson from Business Beyond 5 interviews our Director Chris Catto on the importance of Aligning your staffs’ Key Performance indicators (KPIs) with Strategy.

Why Aligning Staff your Staff KPIs with your Business Strategy wins!

The interview covers key road blocks with the development and implementation of staff KPIs in small to medium sized business.

Tracy Wilson asks Chris about methods for managing staff and key performance indicators, how to make the relevant to your staffs day to day work. In particular Tracy questions Chris on who to avoid any perceived negativity when implementing KPIs or having staff conversations about the progress of KPIs.
1) The psychology of Key Performance Indicators and how to avoid negativity of predetermined targets.
2) How to align Key Performance Indicators with your organisational structure.
3) How to leverage Key Performance Indicators for innovation.
4) How to implement Key Performance Indicators in your business to gain business buy-in from your staff.
5) Lastly the interview covers the three key success factors when implementing Key Performance Indicators

Get your staff focused and working more effectively by aligning your staff Key performance indicators with your business goals.

At Putney Breeze we map out how you create value for your customers. We provide clarity for your staff and get them working more effectively faster by aligning workflows with KPIs by cutting out the unnecessary meetings debating who is responsible and communicating the big picture of the importance of each staff members work.

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