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Hi my name is Chris Catto, I’m the author of How to Become a Suburban Financial Champion.

Over the best part of the last 20 years my career has been focused on financial management. More recently over the last four years I have been regularly presenting for leading global accounting bodies and institutes both locally and overseas on financial management topics. However the secrets I’ll be teaching you come from watching the principles my mother applied to go from a 40 year old living in a caravan with 3 young kids to having a portfolio of properties and living comfortably in retirement.

As the cost of living increases putting pressure on your household budget, as annual holidays, small personal luxuries and the simple dream of home ownership becomes more out of reach, it becomes more critical that you understand the nature of money to get ahead in your personal financial life.

To improve your personal financial circumstance you must understand the key critical relation between three concepts;

  1. Value and how it is created
  2. Money and how it is used in the exchange and value
  3. Wealth and the wealth creation process and what wealth is.

The better your understanding of how value is created, how value is transferred with money, what money is and how wealth is generated the more likely you will be in a position to take control of your financial position. This training course will not be providing investment advice. Instead this training course will help you understand how the everyday decisions you make with the use of your time and your resources impacts on your personal finances.

Ultimately “How To Become a Suburban Financial Champion” is about giving you the recipe for;

  • Taking control of your financial life
  • Creating personal freedom you deserve
  • Creating the lifestyle that meets your personal needs
  • To be able to treat yourself to the small luxuries of life
  • To be able to take those overseas holidays
  • To have less stress about your personal finances now and into the future

This course is broken down into 7 concise lessons that you can absorb each evening in the comfort of your own home. What “How To Become a Suburban Financial Champion” will teach you is;

  • What value is and where money comes from. The better you understand this the more money you can potentially have in your life
  • How inflation effects your life and how to use inflation to your advantage
  • How to think about the cost and benefit of everyday decision in your life
  • How to save over $100,000 of interest and reduce the average mortgage by over 11 years without increasing the value of your repayments!
  • How to make your credit card work for you!
  • To understand how compound interest impacts your savings and investments and how to use that to your advantage.
  • How wealth is created and the steps to create more wealth in your life!

Go ahead start your journey now.

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You have nothing to lose as the course is backed by 100% money back, no questions ask guarantee. And you can keep the book.

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