Chris' work has been fantastic for our business. He has the ability to quickly grasp what you need to deliver better services and products. He is innovative and at the same time very thorough in his approach. Thanks so much Chris for all your valuable time and advice
Sally Guilloux-Cooke, Director BeInSync
Putney Breeze developed Smartech’s “Sales Quote System”. The application is hosted on our server with FileMaker Server 15 software and is used by our administrative staff for monitoring and reporting on inbound inquiries, quote status of leads and invoice status of our projects in progress. The data is linked to customer details and history. Putney Breeze is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend Chris’s work to other people.
Anthony Cassar, Director Smartech Door Systems
Tools N All is an innovative on site supplier of manufacturing and construction tools and specialist equipment. Efficient and effective utilisation of delivery vehicles and inventory management is central to Tools N All’s operations. Putney Breeze developed Tools N All’s “Mobile Invoicing and Despatch System”. The application is hosted by FileMaker Server 15 and is used on our mobile devices for creating and despatching orders, obtaining POD signatures, invoicing, monitoring inventory and reorder levels. Importantly the system automatically calculates gross margin by product by customer by month by year. Our invoicing history is linked to customer information and product sales history. We also can access an automated a top 20 customer by date report for any date range. Chris is a very positive and encouraging person who is a pleasure to work with and would recommend him to others without hesitation.
Neville De Alwis, Director Tools N All

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The Invisible Gorilla of Business Apps

The Invisible Gorilla of Business Apps
The world of business apps has grown exponentially with clever companies solving small problems with task focused applications.

According to International Data Corporation, there were 156 billion app downloads in 2015 and from 2016 to 2020 there will be approximately 210 billion installs annually.

That is a staggering trillion app downloads […]

The End of Management Accounting As We Know It | Management Reporting

The Lean CFO, Management Reporting and Filemaker
We’ve come a long way from the days where the abacus was common place.  The abacus was simple technology that allowed merchants and mathematicians to make complex calculations.

Calculation Technology has advanced so far Captain Spock from Star Trek may even be impressed. Only 20 years ago when I […]

Why Aligning Key Performance Indicators with Strategy Wins!

Tracy Wilson from Business Beyond 5 interviews our Director Chris Catto on the importance of Aligning your staffs’ Key Performance indicators (KPIs) with Strategy.
Why Aligning Staff your Staff KPIs with your Business Strategy wins!
The interview covers key road blocks with the development and implementation of staff KPIs in small to medium sized business.

Tracy Wilson […]

Role of Strategic Planning and Accounting Advisors – APMAA 2015 Bail Indonesia

CLICK HERE to Download The Role of Strategic Planning, Accounting Information and Advisors in the Growth of Small to Medium Enterprises Ebook

In October 2015, Putney Breeze Business Advisors Director Chris Catto will be presenting a research paper on strategic planning and the growth of small to medium sized businesses (SME) that has been accepted […]

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that Create Profits

Positive Business Performance
KPIs that Create Profits
Leverage on your business operations to improve your margins and market share.
When it comes to monitoring your business performance, many business advisors will produce a management reports that is solely the product of financial numbers. However focusing of financial measure alone is like trying to kick goals while watching the […]

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