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The solutions design sets clear goals for your custom application. There’s so much more entailed in systems design than just jotting down a list of features. This is the phase in we leverage Putney Breeze’s expert methodology for mapping business process workflows. We start with what you have and build with what we know. The design phase establishes buy in of your key staff. Your key staff will identify the benefits, reporting requirements and we will often create a framework for supporting the evolution of the software solution beyond its first iteration. A project schedule with key milestones that highlight each phase of the project will be provided. We have the flexibility to work with your competing priorities and commitment. We’ll also consult on LEAN process improvements in your organisation, and we’ll outline training and “go live” plans to expediate adoption.
folder_development_64px_1066308Putney Breeze has a 7 phase framework for the development process. The development phase involves much more than coding in the back ground. We’ll hold regular status meetings with you to maintain control, transparency, and to ensure we can accommodate changes in plans. As our client you become an active member of our development team and have full access to your solution as its being developed on our servers. Custom software works best where the end users have been involved in the development and love it. Our process breaks down the solutions development into small phases follows to ensure you and your team can see the software as it is built out, test it, use it, and provide feedback on additional changes to optimise the go live product. Our team have over 40 years of cumulative IT systems deployment experience will follow a tried and tested framework to get the deployment right.
folder_development_64px_1066308 FileMaker Go is a free App. With FileMaker Go you can work directly with your FileMaker solution on your iPhone or iPad device. You’ll connect to your database via the Internet connection you happen to be using, either wi-fi or your telecommunications service provider’s network. FileMaker Go provides a full-featured FileMaker client that enables all the functionality that users can expect on today’s mobile app.

  • Signature Capture
  • Location Services
  • Camera Integration
  • Barcode Reader
  • Touch Controls
  • Native iOS Keyboards
folder_development_64px_1066308 One of the strenghts of FileMaker Solutions is their ability to share data with other applications. The exchange of data allows FileMaker solutions to coordinate functionality with enterprise-level systems. Additionally, by integrating data from various sources, FileMaker Pro solutions can coordinate dashboards and reports that present a unified view of otherwise disconnected systems. FileMaker data can be accessed via technologies such as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), and Extensible Markup Language (XML) or many of the components from which the web is constructed. What does this mean? FileMaker can talk to your accounting and CRM or ERP systems to create once source of the truth and make it available anywhere and at anytime.
FileMaker Server 15 technology allows you to create your own cloud hosted on your dedicated server. Coupled with FileMaker WebDirect, your solution can be accessed via a web browser on your mobile device, desktop or lap top at the time and place of your choosing.

Coming soon to Australia is FileMaker Cloud. FileMaker Cloud will be available through the Amazon Web Services Marketplace and provides reliable cloud access to custom apps, negating the need for a local server if you choose. You can have the simplicity, performance, and reliability you’ll come to expect from the FileMaker Platform without having to spend time deploying and maintaining an on-site server.


Maintenance & Support


  • For existing FileMaker solutions (either created by us or another team), you can opt for a flexible approach where you commit to a regular schedule of work that our team tackles on a priority basis.
  • Small Incremental Improvements – We get to know your system and make evolutionary changes in step with your natural changes in business process and improvements. Putney Breeze’s certified developers can leverage FileMaker’s inherent flexibility to adopt a Lean approach to continuously improve your organisation.
  • Outcomes Focused – You’ll set your priorities and we’ll help keep things organised with our first class in house techniques.

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As a full-service FileMaker consulting firm, we provide FileMaker Software at a discount. Contact Us today for a quote on your licensing requirements.

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Managing Customers, Clients, or Members 64
Provide Reporting for Analysis 51
Manage Invoices, Quotes, Orders, or Estimates 47
Manage Inventory or Assets 39
Manage Projects Tasks, or Schedules 38
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