Free FileMaker Pro Training

Learn how to create a mobile app in a few hours. Putney Breeze has created a series of videos to teach you the basic skills required for creating a mobile app with FileMaker Pro.

In our free training course will take you through each step that is required for creating a simple mobile app. We’ll be creating a Travel App that you can use on your next holiday. You’ll be able to create an itinerary, store your travel documents, and store photos.

We’ll teach you how to create a travel budget reports against your plans.

Learn how to use smart Mobile App navigation tools

In this free training course you’ll learn how to use slide controls, popovers, web viewers, how to automate pdf reports and pdf and automate emails.

Make sure you subscribe to the Putney Breeze YouTube Channel for regular updates. Follow each video starting from learning about designing ERDs (Entity Relationship Diagrams) right through to deploying your mobile app.

Your trainer Chris Catto is a certified FileMaker Pro developer  based in Melbourne. Chris has  years of experience delivering live workshops and webinars training. Chris has regularly presented for leading international institutes, and IT corporations.

Start to learn how to create a custom mobile app and reduce your admin time, change your business for the better business, get started with your training by visiting the Putney Breeze YouTube Channel

Get started with the introductory videos today.

Video 1.0 How to start Developing your Mobile App

Video 1.1 Entity Relationship Diagrams ERDs and creating your Mobile App

Video 1.2 How to create tables, Fields and Relationships

Video 2.0 How to create Layouts and Custom Colours and insert Images in FileMaker Pro

Video 2.1 How to create custom Headings in FileMaker Pro using shape tools and text tools

Video 2.2 How to turn images into a navigational button in FileMaker Pro

Video 2.3 How to assign or set the default on open layout in FileMaker Pro

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If there are specific techniques that you would like to learn contact us and request a training video. Ask for new features in the Travel App.

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Let’s get started building your competitive advantage.

And of course if you would like the unlock version of the Travel App to compare your work with, just contact us.

Note the solution is developed for training purposes. The solution has not been debugged and is not developed for commercial use.

Onwards and Upwards!