Planning your sales and marketing effort can be a frustrating exercise. If you talk to your website developer and they’ll tell you about the critical importance of your website, if you talk to your printing provider they will tell you how important printing collateral is; your graphic designer will tell you how important the look and pagination of your visual content is; your sales trainer will tell you how important your skills for closing and up-selling are; your SEO and social media consultant will tell you leveraging online communities is the new marketing landscape. They are all correct to a certain degree. However your problem is you only have finite resources so where should you focus those resources to get the most from your sales and marketing dollar?

In The Premiership Business – The Premiership Business Equation, Chris Catto provides a sales and marketing cube to help your understand where your focus is required. In short the higher the price, volume, life-time value and complexity of your product or service, the higher the importance of your personal selling efforts. Whereas in the opposite circumstance the lower the price, life-time value, volume and complexity the higher the importance of your marketing effort as the purchase of your product is likely to be discretionary. In reality every business needs an element of marketing and personal selling, however the product or service market you’re in will determine how you balance your sales and marketing dollar and get the most out of it. Learn more about the Marketing and Selling cube on the video below.