Often business performance advisors focus on operation process improvement without understanding the context of what it takes to execute a holistic business strategy.

When we consider at a high level what a great athlete does to prepare for a great performance, they focus and work on three things;

1) Technique

2) Strength (Power Endurance of both)

3) Psychology

If you were to operate your great business like a great athlete, you’ll need to ask yourself and plan your initiatives that improve all three elements above.

A critical mistake is that many businesses focus on one element of business performance at a time and from an insular context.

In sport however, there is a focus on improving technique in all areas of competition; improving strength, in all areas of physical development and constantly working on mental perspective for all circumstances of competition.

Ask yourself, what elements of your business technique, strength and psychology are you working on?

Turn your good business into a great business by focusing on improving all elements of your business in a logical manner. Achieve the success you deserve.