Is Your Marketing Remarkable? Seth Godin

Getting ideas to spread with remarkable marketing

Seth Godin shares how to make your marketing remarkable. Is there anything worse in business than to have a great product or idea and not be able to spread the idea to the masses who could benefit from your innovation. Seth Godin gives a masterclass in the video about how to created the momentum required to get your idea to spread. Seth underlines his message with the  story of sliced bread! There are things worse in marketing than rejection, that is indifference is what I like to say.  Watch and enjoy how to take some small steps to spread ideas. “As people who can get ideas to spread win” Seth Godin Other great quotes from the video include; “When your driving down the road and see a cow, who’s going to stop, but if the cow was purple would you stop? The thing that is going to decide what gets talked about, what gets done, what gets changed, what gets purchased, and what gets build is, is it remarkable?” Seth Godin