FileMaker Pro 15 ecosystem for macOS, Windows, and iOS&amp

FileMaker Pro is at the center of an entire ecosystem aiming to help individuals and whole corporations manage their data”

Filemaker Pro Starter Solution

FileMaker Pro Starter Solution

Mike Wuerthele of Appleinsider examines FileMaker Pro, its history. “it’s one of the few apps that does practically nothing when you first buy it, yet ultimately can run your business, your corporation and for some people provide an entire livelihood” writes Wuerthele.

Mike recommends that the best way to work with FileMaker s to think through what you need. Define a task or process you want tot automate then write out what you need in terms of forms, table of information and how they interact with each other.

FileMaker’s suit of products, FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go mobile app, FileMaker Server is a power combination of software that enables small to medium sized businesses to create collaborative, mobile working teams.

With FileMaker Pro 15, “There’s really only one major improvement for the most technical users in version 15 but it is significant: you can now connect FileMaker Pro to more SQL databases. So you can enjoy its ease of use as a front-end to more corporate databases running on standard SQL.”

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