Project Description

The foundations of Putney Breeze are built on first class performance management techniques.

Along with advising business owners, Putney Breeze also develops and delivers workshops and seminars for leading international institutes and associations.

Business Performance Management – Core areas of expertise include;

Aligning management reporting with strategy; a key enabler of strategic success.

All to often executive management reports are filled with generic key performance indicators without regard for the behavioral impact on staff and its relevance to the overall strategic direction of your organisation.

Putney Breeze works with CFOs, Financial Controllers and business leaders to map the appropriate key performance indicators to the desired strategic outcomes.

Putney Breeze follows the Kaplan and Norton strategic mapping principles, the evolution from the balance scorecard. More importantly, Putney Breeze has the workflow and processes and experience to deliver executive management reports that focus the business on your strategic intent.

Streamlining Budget and Forecasting Processes.

The annual budgeting and forecasting process can be an administrative grind for the business. It absorbes coutless hours of staff time for both operational leaders and the finance team. However this need not be the case. Streamling the budgeting and forecasting process through the introduction of efficient workflows can free up significant resources. The finance team can then focus on its core function; creating value for internal customers.

Creating a Value add Finance team

The value-add finance team are business partners, born out of the clearly defined key relationships of between management reporting and operational delivery. The business partnership is built on the core understanding how the relationship between actions of the finance team impact operational goals. Managing the outputs of the Finance team to facilitate strategic outcomes is where the finance function generates immeasurable value.