FileMaker’s 30 years of growth by enabling business growth for companies

Apple Subsidiary FileMaker are one of a very few companies that can say they have “been profitable every quarter since our formation.” That is, FileMaker has been profitable every quarter for almost 30 years, a phenomenal achievement.
From humble beginnings, as purely a database application for the Mac environment, FileMaker has cleverly evolved to incorporate web technology, seamless mobile devices accessibility and windows operating system in the FileMaker product. Today, FileMaker’s strength is in its flexible application to various business needs. Instead of forcing businesses to change their process to fit the business rules of “out of the box” software applications. FileMaker allows organisations small or large to dictate the process that enables businesses to build on their unique competitive advantages. FileMaker allows teams within organisations to create their own app to share data, communicate and collaborate live, on or off site. By incorporating relational database design with a user interface design tool, web publishing engine that integrates with iPhones and iPads;

FileMaker adds value to organisations by:

  • Eliminating data handling activities that save staff time,
  • Enables sharing of live data on multiple devices across multiple locations,
  • Helps teams within multinational corporations to entire small businesses coordinate projects and make better decisions,
  • Allows non-technical corporate staff and small businesses build custom web, Windows, Mac, iPad, and iPhone apps without needing to know how to code,
  • Allows all buisnesses to create your own cloud or intranet.
FileMaker Platform For Business Databases

FileMaker Platform For Business Databases

In the latest version, FileMaker Pro 15, the software has added the ability for companies to quickly add flagship Apple features like TouchID fingerprint scanning, 3D Touch pressure-sensitivity to their custom apps and range beacons for identifying inventory on mobile devices. FileMaker provides a tool for businesses small and large to build a cool apps to gather data from customer signups to scheduling client appointments, scheduling vehicle delivery and pick up runs, taking offsite customer orders, invoicing, production planning and/or creating budgets and forecasts.

More than two million people have downloaded FileMaker Go, the company’s iPhone and iPad app. As Apple shifts its attention to make inroads in the business market, FileMaker is position to play a key role in Apple’s product offering for businesses looking improve their competitive position by streamlining processes to save staff time, while improving decision making data. FileMaker has created the opportunity for all companies to enter the custom app, mobile enabled world of iPhone, iPads and working via your Web browser.

Watch How FileMaker Go made a vast improvement to a Lee Medical reduce Hospital Infections.

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