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Premiership Business: The Premiership Business Equation

If you loved “One Minute Manager” by Ken Blanchard you’ll love “Premiership Business”. When you go into business you have great hopes and dreams of creating a vehicle that gives you more income and time. However once in business the complexities of day to day challenges can sometimes seem over whelming. Premiership Business explains the complexities of staff management, marketing, finances, culture and planning through the metaphor of a football team and various life settings. Set in the great city of London, this book is not just another business book, but a guide on creating a living asset, a business you can on day sell through a Premiership Businessframework. Written in a story format Premiership Business is filled with various location analogies and sporting metaphors for ease of knowledge transfer.

Is there a formula for business success?

Uncle Alan would say “Yes, but the more important question is; Do you have the ingredients?” 

 Premiership Business is a story about the journey of Jason, a young man with aspirations of becoming a successful business person. Jason turns to his Uncle Alan, a straight talking family legend who lives a very comfortable lifestyle enjoying the fruits of his labour. His labour was a career in building then selling businesses. Uncle Alan takes Jason on a journey around the great city of London in a series of master classes that provide Jason with the fundamental knowledge for building a Living Asset.  Uncle Alan begins with defining the difference between a good and a successful business person, his concept of a Living Asset, the fundamental building blocks of a Living Asset before concluding with his Premiership Business Equation.   Follow Jason on his journey as Uncle Alan delivers his master classes on creating the Premiership Business:

Here is what business owners have had to say about the book:

“This is a great read packed full of hugely valuable business advise. Chris tells the story in a very engaging and simplified way, he skillfully picks out what are the most important elements in establishing and running a successful business. In my opinion a must read for any aspiring business person who want to play at the top level”

Stephen Dowling – Founder and CEO  ETM Management Training

“Covers the key entrepreneurial fundamentals that are necessary in an ever changing economic environment. A good read”

John Callander – Founder – GTrans International

“This book takes the reader on a journey from the familiar to the less familiar and potentially complex world of business by drawing on the flair, art, science, craft and formation of one of the worlds most profitable sports leagues. Chris Catto scores a hat trick with his simplistic yet insightful narrative of the attack, midfield and defence measures in the business performance equation. A must read for both emerging and experienced business owners who desire to glean fresh and proving tactics and strategies of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable them achieve their set goals in business”.

Bunmi Ajayi is the founder, Managing Director and CEO of the multiple award winning Megalines Insurance & Risk Advisers with head office in Melbourne Australia

“As someone who likes sport and working to help small businesses to achieve growth, I found Chris’s writing style easy to read and digest. Premiership Business has the reader “eavesdropping” on an aspirational young man Jason (who I couldn’t help but put Chris’s face and voice on!) as his wise and wealthy Uncle Alan explains the formula needed for business people to succeed. It has plenty of useful details and diagrams to encourage the reader to go back to and utilise in their own businesses. Whilst set in the UK this story and the information it contains is very relevant to the small business owner in Victoria and across Australia.”

Steve Hubbard – The Marketing Network

Chapter 1 Introduction Earning while you sleep; The Living Asset

Chapter 2 The Business Preseason: Direction and Purpose

Chapter 3 The Business Attack: Revenue Generation

Chapter 4 The Business Midfield: Operational Effectiveness

Chapter 5 The Business Defence: Risk Mitigation

Chapter 6 The Business Culture: The Secret Sauce

Chapter 7 The Premiership Business Equation: Navigate to your Business Destination

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