Chris' work has been fantastic for our business. He has the ability to quickly grasp what you need to deliver better services and products. He is innovative and at the same time very thorough in his approach. Thanks so much Chris for all your valuable time and advice
Sally Guilloux-Cooke, Director BeInSync
Putney Breeze developed Smartech’s “Sales Quote System”. The application is hosted on our server with FileMaker Server 15 software and is used by our administrative staff for monitoring and reporting on inbound inquiries, quote status of leads and invoice status of our projects in progress. The data is linked to customer details and history. Putney Breeze is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend Chris’s work to other people.
Anthony Cassar, Director Smartech Door Systems
Tools N All is an innovative on site supplier of manufacturing and construction tools and specialist equipment. Efficient and effective utilisation of delivery vehicles and inventory management is central to Tools N All’s operations. Putney Breeze developed Tools N All’s “Mobile Invoicing and Despatch System”. The application is hosted by FileMaker Server 15 and is used on our mobile devices for creating and despatching orders, obtaining POD signatures, invoicing, monitoring inventory and reorder levels. Importantly the system automatically calculates gross margin by product by customer by month by year. Our invoicing history is linked to customer information and product sales history. We also can access an automated a top 20 customer by date report for any date range. Chris is a very positive and encouraging person who is a pleasure to work with and would recommend him to others without hesitation.
Neville De Alwis, Director Tools N All


7 Key Trends in Sensis Social Media Report

Key Trends from the Sensis Social Media Report
The annual Sensis Social Media report of 2015 produced some interesting trends.

1) The percentage of the population who use social media daily is still increasing but at a slower rate. At 49% almost half of all internet users engage in social media activity at least once a […]

Negotiating Tactics – Street Smarts from Hong Kong Street Markets

Negotiating Tactics from the streets of Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been a trading hub for hundreds of years.

I love walking along the street markets just off Nathan Road. In the street markets all across the Asian continent you can observe some key business principles at play in an open market place. There are two […]

How small business lessons leads to big business success: John Borghetti CEO Virgin Australia

How small business lessons leads to big business success.
Alex Malley the CEO of CPA Australia conducts an excellent interview of John Borghetti, the CEO of Virgin Australia.
As a migrant to Australia at a the age of seven, John had to learn a new language and adjust to a foreign culture. After working hard and saving […]

Daniel Pink on Staff Bonuses and Motivation

Daniel Pink on Staff Bonuses and Motivation

Do you wonder why bonuses sometimes just don’t work? In many cases no matter how big the carrot you give your staff, they can’t seem to break through and achieve the results that you desire. Daniel Pink is the author of “To Sell is Human”. Daniel is considered a […]

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Why is organizational culture important in business?

Organizational Culture is more than just accepted behaviours or social norms
Culture also acts as a gyroscope for communications. The culture of an organization sets the guidelines for the accepted tone in which people speak, what may be appropriate for hand gestures and body language. The meaning of phrases and even differences in the meaning […]

Business is a Social Science

Business is a Social Science – Simon Sinek
I recall as kid growing up with a father who studied science but spent the majority of his working life as a marketer, he would say to me “you have to understand science so you can understand the mechanics of how things work, but you must also […]

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Organized for Complexity | organize for complexity

Book Review: Organize for Complexity by Niels Pflaeging

Niels has written a great book on simplifying organisational complexity and the relationship organisational planning has on performance.
Interestingly I actually see in Niels concepts in action when I work with high performance businesses and organisations in both large and small/medium businesses. However Niels is the first to […]

Is Your Marketing Remarkable? | Remarkable Marketing

Is Your Marketing Remarkable? Seth Godin

Getting ideas to spread with remarkable marketing
Seth Godin shares how to make your marketing remarkable. Is there anything worse in business than to have a great product or idea and not be able to spread the idea to the masses who could benefit from your innovation. Seth Godin gives […]

10 Deadly Business Owner Mistakes

10 Deadly Business Owner Mistakes from Chris Catto
1. All Sales No Delivery
Sales are the first element of business, without sales you don’t have a business. However when a business fails to deliver on its customer promise; late delivery, absent functionality, over promised service coupled with underwhelming reality; the buyer feels cheated. The […]

Marketing v Selling Cube – Where to focus

Planning your sales and marketing effort can be a frustrating exercise. If you talk to your website developer and they’ll tell you about the critical importance of your website, if you talk to your printing provider they will tell you how important printing collateral is; your graphic designer will tell you how important the […]

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